Using a WordPress Website Builder

Using a WordPress Website Builder

Using a WordPress website builder is a great way to make a custom website without the headache of designing it from scratch. The software is built to work with templates that are known as “Themes”. Then, all you have to do is choose your theme, and you are all set.


Using the Divi theme and the built-in Divi Builder you can create your very own website. And when you’re ready to expand your site, you can add in extra layout packs to give your site a boost.

The layouts are designed with responsiveness in mind. You can customize the layouts to suit different screen sizes. They also offer a mobile-friendly experience. This includes features like an interactive device preview function and custom drop shadows.

The builder also boasts of other features such as custom content and templates. You can even add in fancier image galleries and FAQs. And, when you’re ready to upgrade to a more professional website, you can spend $200 or so for a new theme.

The best part of the Divi Builder is that you don’t have to know a thing about coding to make your website stand out from the crowd. You can easily copy and paste styles and customize the default content.

Beaver Builder

Among the many WordPress website builders available, Beaver Builder stands out as a worthy competitor. This plugin offers a variety of features and is built to integrate with any theme.

In addition to providing a visually pleasing experience, the builder also makes it easier for users to customize their sites. It has several useful features such as the ability to store saved columns, column headers, and content modules. The full-width feature, for example, allows you to reuse individual modules without breaking the theme.

The free version is only good for demo purposes. There are three plans to choose from. The Standard plan does not include the Beaver Builder feature, while the Agency package includes a handful of extras. The Pro version includes the Beaver Builder, along with several other goodies.

Visual Composer

Using Visual Composer is a great way to design a WordPress website. It’s easy to navigate and allows you to create custom sites quickly and easily. Moreover, you can customize your page elements, such as text, buttons, and images.

One of the main features of Visual Composer is its page design option. With this feature, you can style your background and image slideshows. You can also add animations and parallax effects.

The Visual Composer premium plan has more features than its free version. Its license includes unlimited access to the “hub,” and one year of tech support. In addition, the premium plan lets you use pre-made templates.

If you’re not sure whether you want to spend the money on the premium version, you can try the demo. The demo allows you to test your site with a sandbox version of the Visual Composer.


Using SeedProd WordPress website builder, you can build your own custom WordPress theme without writing a single line of code. The plugin is designed with a drag and drop visual editor, making it easy to create any type of website.

The drag and drop feature of the plugin makes it easy to customize every detail of your page. You can create your own global color palettes, save font combinations and modify the features of your pages. The plugin also offers a coming soon page template, making it easy to engage users while your website is being built.

The plugin is compatible with dozens of pre-built themes and templates. You can create a variety of pages, including custom landing pages, blogs, WooCommerce product pages and archives.


Using a WordPress website builder isn’t just about having a good design, it is also about being able to make the most of your investment. A good one will include a range of blocks and features to ensure that you get the most out of your site. It also makes the task of building a website simpler and less painful.

For example, Ibtana has a WordPress website builder which has the usual suspects: an easy to use interface, a collection of blocks and a nifty little gallery feature to boot. The WordPress website builder is also accompanied by the aforementioned Countdown, which is a WordPress plugin that lets you create countdowns, or counters, for timers, intervals and other types of events. The Countdown also comes with an advanced gallery which allows you to add sliders, videos, pictures and other content, all in one spot.

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