4 Types of Online Coaching Businesses

You can choose from several types of online coaching businesses. Here are three: Group coaching, private coaching, and home-based coaching. You can pick from any of them depending on your expertise, budget, and location. If you have the desire to help others in need, you should research and choose the best market for your coaching business. You can use the results of your market research to inform your coaching services, product design, pricing, and unique selling points. You should also consider economic indicators, location, and market saturation in order to set yourself up for long-term success.

Group coaching

When setting up an online coaching business, group coaching is a viable option. It allows for a low-risk pilot program without a large client list. A group coaching program may start at any time and follow a pre-defined schedule. Group coaching programs may be made up of pre-recorded webinars, videos, or one-to-one communications. For instance, a one-on-one coaching session can be a one-hour workshop.

The challenge of group coaching is that it requires members to be willing to participate. A group of employees under duress will not produce a high-performing team. Some valid reasons for staff not being enthusiastic are lack of job security, restructuring, or resistance to change.

Alternatively, individuals may be uncomfortable discussing personal issues in front of a group. Whatever the case, group coaching has to be structured and governed properly to avoid conflict.

Private coaching

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Online Business Coaching Courses

The rapid digitization of the world has spurred the need for knowledge and skills, and online programs have emerged as an important part of this process. Soft skills are the most challenging to automate, and online programs provide content that targets these skills. For entrepreneurs, online business coaching courses are a great way to learn to sell to clients worldwide. As the world is becoming increasingly digital, online courses can be a great alternative for business training. For this reason, they are growing in popularity and offer an effective solution for learning and skills-specific content.


The Bizpods course is a long-term online course designed to accommodate busy entrepreneurs. It includes a private members-only Facebook group moderated by the program’s creator, Bob Scott. There, participants can ask questions and engage with other business owners. The course teaches entrepreneurs to set realistic goals and develop an effective project management process. It also offers advice on marketing strategies, hiring management teams, and much more.


This is a great course if you are looking to expand your business coaching skills, and it has already gathered over 2000 students! The course is designed to teach the fundamentals of business coaching, including how to create a business case and how to effectively communicate it. It will give you a clear understanding of what makes a business case, how to prepare one, and what the most important features are in a business plan.

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Tips for Adding Casters to Your Desk

Sometimes, you’re going to need to change your office layout. Some people may even need to do this frequently. That becomes a problem if your desk is heavy and is one of the items you must move. When you need to move this piece of furniture around, you can find yourself straining and potentially injuring yourself. A solution to this is adding casters to your desk. Here are some tips to help you get started on this simple project. 

Ensure They Can Support the Weight

There are tons of options for wheels, from leveling casters to swivel designs. Some can easily hold thousands of pounds, while others can break if you put that much weight on them. Therefore, the biggest thing to look for when choosing which casters will go on your desk, think about the weight they will be carrying. The manufacturer’s website will often state the poundage their products can handle. Locate that, then find ones that can take your desk’s weight divided by the total number of casters. 

Attach Them With Strong Screws

Now that you’ve got suitable casters, you need to get the right screws. These fasteners experience extreme force like the wheels, so you need to make sure they are up to the challenge. If you’re unsure where to start, the best place is to look for a thicker screw made of titanium. While you’re not trying to meet any government building regulations, this is an excellent way to ensure that you’ll be confident in … Read the rest >>>

California Workplace Safety: The Importance of Including Ergonomics in the Workplace

Among the myriad workplace safety concerns in California is one that might easily be overlooked: ergonomics. Ergonomics involves designing the environment to work naturally with human physiology. Companies at the beginning stages of ergonomics planning might want to find ergonomics awareness training to educate employees on ergonomic concepts and practices. Incorporating ergonomics will create a safer and more productive work environment, and it is a legal responsibility in California. 

California Workplace Safety: The Importance of Including Ergonomics in the Workplace

Reduces Injuries

Injuries in the workplace can lead to significant physical and economic hardships for employees as well as financial burdens for the company. Repetitive use injuries might begin as minor inconveniences, but they can become debilitating and lifelong conditions if not properly treated. More traumatic injuries, such as a back injury from lifting too heavy a box without proper support, can put an employee out of commission for lengthy time periods and lead to worker’s comp claims or lawsuits for the company. Ergonomic design can significantly reduce the impacts injuries have for employees and companies.

Increases Productivity

Designing an environment that is alignment with how the body functions significantly reduces the physical stress employees experience with ill-designed equipment and processes. Building in times for movement and stretching keeps circulation going and increases focus and alertness. These types of factors not only keep employees safer, but they also increase employee productivity through more comfortable spaces and opportunities to rejuvenate during short breaks.

Fulfills Legal Responsibility

California law requires companies to include ergonomics within the workplace. Training employees in ergonomics also … Read the rest >>>

If you are one of those who have negligible consumer debt, make money to cover your family’s current expenses for the next three to six months, have personal credit lines for emergencies, and still have some extra money, then you are at a perfect starting point to scout around for good investments online.

Take the online business. A lot of business entrepreneurs are making money online after starting their small business. Although many put off investing online because of the perception that they have to have a great deal of money to start off. Sometimes, it’s even more likely that people will lose their business when they begin the process with a lot of money but little knowledge. Invest small, learn much, and repeat the same process with investing increasingly higher amounts.

The Online Biz - It's All The Rage!

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