What the Immigration Law Says

Italy has been, for most of its history, a land of Immigration lawyer Italy, and many lands from which it once ran away from hunger are today among the most powerful locomotives of Italian and European development. However, the development of Italian immigration legislation seems to have remained faithful to the first approach, that of Italy as a land of emigrants.

Until the mid-1980s the entry of foreigners into Italy was governed by laws dating back to the Fascist period. The first law of the immigration lawyer Italy republic on this matter was Law no. 943/1986, which addressed the issue of immigration, however only in relation to the issue of work, in an emergency and not organic way. To have the first real organic law on immigration, also dictated by emergency reasons, we must wait until 1990 and the Martello law, which introduced for the first time in Italy social interventions against immigrants and based the system of entry of migrants on the planning of entry flows through a system of forecasting maximum quotas.

What the Immigration Law Says

The Law that Changes the Lives of Migrants

Rome _ The law that revolutionizes the life of immigrants in Italy has been definitively approved with the final vote in the senate. Some of its provisions will come into force when the text is published in the official journal; for others, implementing ministerial decrees will be required. In the meantime, however, you can already see what this bill calls as the “security package” and highly contested, for … Read the rest >>>

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Improving IT Systems Management

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Ways to Increase Alert Management Operational Efficiency

  1. The alert management system foundation is the information request system for management. Its work is to automate the escalation and delivery of any actionable information based on responsibilities, contact information, attributes, and pre-determined roles.
  2. The alert management system has the capability to locate and
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