A Specialized US Online Store Can Help

A Specialized US Online Store Can Help

Whether you are in the market for a new bicycle or you want to purchase some spare parts for your bike, a specialized us online store can help. You will be able to find products like cross-country bikes, Angi chamois, and more.

Angi Sensor

ANGi, or the ANGular and G-Force Indicator, is a small, patented helmet-mounted sensor designed to detect the most important safety signal: the most likely time you’ll need help. It pairs with a smartphone app to alert the rider of potential problems and to send text messages to emergency contacts. The ANGi also enables you to track your own ride, upload it to Strava or other apps, and even to start a group ride.

The Angi is a patented device that sits on the outside of the helmet, measuring about 10 grams. It has a built-in accelerometer, gyroscope, and a 2032 coin cell battery with a six-month life span.

Cross-Country Bikes

XC bikes are becoming more and more popular. They offer more versatility than ever before. They are fast, efficient and great for long distance rides. They are also great for climbing and descending.

The Specialized Epic is one of the most popular XC race bikes on the market. It is built with a 100mm full suspension frame that is light, yet strong. It uses a proprietary Brain damper in the rear suspension to provide efficient pedaling. It has a 12-speed drivetrain and a grippy 2.6″ tire on the rear. It is designed for hard sprint efforts. It is also a confidence-inspiring bike in corners.


Whether you want to tackle rough terrain or the simplest trail, Specialized’s new Stumpjumper is the perfect choice. It’s engineered to inspire mountain bikers. It’s lightweight, grippy, puncture-proof, and built with premium components. It’s a bike that’s ready to perform and it’s available to everyone, from the professional mountain biker to the weekend warrior. You can even get your Stumpjumper custom-built at your local Specialized store. The retailer will order the bike for you and it’ll arrive in three weeks.

You can choose from different models, each one designed to meet specific requirements. From the Epic EVO, a light and efficient trail bike, to the Stumpjumper Hardtail, which is ideal for fast-paced trail riding, there’s a Stumpjumper model to fit your style and budget.


Specs-wise, the Crux features a carbon frame with a 8mm clearance on both sides of 33mm tires, preventing the build up of mud in sloppy conditions. The BB and bottom bracket have been reworked to create a more stable ride. The new geometry also features an extended wheelbase, which helps the bike’s handling. The Crux reaches further than other gravel bikes, with a longer wheelbase and lower stack height.

The Crux flies along twisty gravel trails. Its light weight means that it takes riders anywhere they want to go at full gas. The Crux’s stiff wheelset and fork help it transfer power efficiently. And its carbon fork isn’t just for looks: it dampens road vibrations, too.

Cycling-shorts design

Choosing the right cycling-shorts can be the difference between a great ride and one that you don’t remember. The best shorts should fit your body type, have a chamois that fits you like a second skin, and offer enough compression to support your leg muscles.

There are several different types of pads available, but most are made of synthetic materials. They provide the most comfort while wicking sweat away from your body. Some brands also use gel inserts at contact points for increased comfort. The proper placement of the pads is important.

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