Liberty League International Business Review

Liberty League International Business Review

If you have done research on making money online or started a home based business, you might find advertisements for Liberty League International. Their ads usually attract attention because of how striking and complicated they are. This article will discuss a brief review of Liberty League International, about what it is and whether the company is right for you.

Liberty League International – Basic Ideas

Liberty League International is included in the network marketing or direct marketing industry. Companies use independent representatives, or advisors they like to call, to promote their products and services through various advertising methods. Commissions are basically derived from your ability to recruit new advisors to the company, which will be explained later in this article. A quick point to pay attention to about compensation plans is that recruiting will be an endless task because commissions are earned based on older compensation structures in the network marketing industry. The people you recruit eventually “break free” from you and no longer benefit you financially, forcing you to look for new recruits. Why companies still use this old salary structure confuses me because it doesn’t make sense to have someone who has worked hard with you in the end ‘breaking free’ from you and no longer benefiting you.

Liberty League International Business Review

Liberty League International Product Line

The product line includes self-service and personal improvement courses. The first is a 90-day home study course that helps direct your beliefs and goals towards success. This course sells for $ 1495. The next two are 3-day and 7-day seminar conferences. This conference is an in-depth study of home study courses. You will be trained by guest speakers who are flown to teach you how to apply successful techniques in a course of study. Seminars are respectively $ 7995 and $ 12,995 and are always held in exotic locations that are very exclusive. The benefits you get from this seminar only depend on your ability to apply the techniques taught by guest speakers in your daily life.

‘Two Top’ Compensation Plan

The way the ‘two rises’, ‘pas fit up’ or ‘aussie two’ compensation plan is very accurate because you actually ‘missed’ your first two sales to your sponsor or mentor. Without going into extreme detail, this plan can be very beneficial for an experienced marketer but is usually very difficult for a novice representative. First it is difficult to sell a product with a high retail cost of nearly $ 13,000 and then have to hand over profits to your mentor for the first sales partner. Second, because you will ‘break away’ from your mentor after your first two sales, you really think your mentor will give you all the knowledge you need to succeed when you will become a competitor immediately. He will probably give you enough knowledge to get your first two sales (which go to him in any way) and then the guidance and training that is needed by a beginner in the fast-paced industry is no longer available. This does not promote teamwork, and teamwork is needed to succeed in the network marketing industry.


So, if you are an experienced network marketer and can sell high-priced products, Liberty League International, it might be very profitable for you. If not, I would suggest doing further research and finding companies that promote teamwork and synergy in their compensation plans. An example is when you make a sale, you and your mentor make money so he wants to help you continue to make sales. Also, make sure you never ‘break away’ from your mentor so that teamwork will become a staple in your business. Such a plan promotes what Zig Ziglar says ‘You can get everything you want in life, if you help enough for others to get what they want.’

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