Best NYC SEO Agencies

Best NYC SEO Agencies

It’s crucial to set clear goals for your companies SEO campaign. It does not matter if you are doing the SEO work in-house or outsourcing to one of the best NYC SEO agencies. By carefully planning your goals and the metrics you are going to use to track these goals, your SEO campaign will be much more successful, ranking you higher on Google, driving more traffic and increasing your profits.

There are good goals and bad goals when it comes to search engine optimization and it is important you are improving your SEO for the right reasons.

Good Goals

  •      Increasing Qualified Traffic
  •      Improve Brand Awareness
  •      Boost Revenue

Bad Goals

  •      Beating Competitors
  •      Vanity Metrics
  •      Increase Traffic For The Sake of it

Increasing Qualified Traffic

You want qualified lead clicking on your website as these are the potential customers who are more likely to actually buy one of your products or services. These are the competitors who are specifically searching for a term related to your company. It is a good goal to try and get in front of these people and fill their needs.

Improve Brand Awareness

This is defined as how well your target market recognizes your company. By increasing your brand awareness, you can ensure customers will think of you more often when they have a need relevant to your company. This is a great goal as customers need to be aware of your company in order for them to use your services.

Using one of the Best NYC SEO Agencies to improve your brand awareness, you can ensure your website will get found easier on google by your target market.

Boost Revenue

By hiring one of the Best NYC SEO Agencies you can guarantee that your business will continue to grow its revenue in the long run. By running a successful SEO campaign you will attract more relevant traffic, this relevant traffic turns into qualified leads which will turn into more business and revenue for your company.

Beating Competitors

It is a bad idea to improve your SEO if you are only specifically doing it to beat your competitors. You need to narrow your goal down to ranking above your competitors for specific queries that relate to your company. Its no use spending time and resources to outrank a competitor as it does not directly drive revenue and you may just attract unqualified traffic who do not turn into customers.

Vanity Metrics

Vanity metrics are measuring irrelevant and uncorrelated statistics to the success of your SEO campaign. These metrics include raw traffic, or registered users and do not necessarily relate to important metrics like active users and their engagement with your site. Measuring Vanity metrics is a bad goal as they are always not relevant to your main goal, increasing revenue. 

Increasing Traffic For The Sake of it

Driving more traffic is not a goal in itself, it is similar to just trying to beat competitors for the sake of it. More traffic does not mean more revenue if the traffic is not relevant or qualified. So instead, you should aim to drive more relevant and qualified traffic to your site.

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