How Marketing with Chatbots Now Increase Sales

How Marketing with Chatbots Now Increase Sales

In today’s age and day, everything is starting to go digital. Almost everything has become streamlined and automated, and most businesses are starting to look for new ways to apply innovative and cutting-edge technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence.

For example, in the past few years, Artificial Intelligence-equipped bots have started to be the face of modern business. Not only that, these chatbots allow companies to communicate with their target market in new engaging, interactive, and exciting ways. There are also companies like Smart Bot Marketers who can also help business owners streamline some of their processes when it comes to customer service.

Not only that, Virtual helpers have become very popular among marketers and businesses owners, that they even made their way into an online marketer’s lineup of marketing strategies. You want to know how they did it? Read more below to know how.

Chatbots can offer PCA or Personalized Content Automation

They are powered by Artificial Intelligence technology, so, the bots have smart technologies needed to compile and analyze data, and make an informed decision based on its analysis. When communicating with consumers, these technologies will allow the AIs to recommend contents to the customers based on the previous conversations, buying trends, and purchase histories, that is unique to every customer.

Chatbot personalized content’s image result

In today’s age and day, the goal of all marketing experts is to figure out a way to customize a product, experience, or services for every unique target market. Now with the help of these online helpers, digital marketers can easily do that. Imagine this, picture out that you contacted a bot for an online seller, inquiring about a specific product’s availability.

They can answer your queries first, but it could also recommend a similar item that other customers are also looked when buying the product, you initially inquired about. Now, this is something we see all over the online retailer’s world. But here is the difference, the AIs can now send messages when you visit some recommendations based on your previous conversations.

Not only that the bots can recommend items for the target market, but it can talk about the products in real-time. Consumers can communicate with the virtual helpers about various items, ask about the potential differences between different products, and they can even ask for any recommendations based on the recent product reviews.

Usually, each customer has their personal bot shopper, tailored to their own taste, preferences, and interests. That is amazing, isn’t it? You could see why AIs are every marketing expert’s dream. If you want to know about personalized marketing, visit

Digital world’s digital solution

Everything will come down to results, at the end of the day. For most business owners, there is no difference. Marketing experts are tasked with looking for ways to drive their business using every online means. They will serve as a perfect vehicle for this to happen.

And as the world becomes more and more involved in the digital technology, you can make sure that most businesses will also adapt to these changes. Driving results will mean that communicating with clients and consumers in more than being on the surface level. Consumers will expect a personalized customer experience, now more than ever, and AI chatbots are what is going to get the businesses there.

How Marketing with Chatbots Now Increase Sales

Chatbot funnel’s image results

Imagine the virtual helpers as if they are a funnel. The best way to describe how online marketers are using the bots to drive excellent results is to imagine them as a funnel. There is the top, where the ingredients (or the users) are poured in. Then there is the middle where the mixture of components will be sorted out.

And finally, the bottom where everything will come out with a slow and flowing motion. In the online marketer’s perspective, once the users are introduced, the point is to make sure that everyone is well taken care of, enough to keep the consumers keep coming back for more.

Chatbots are pretty good at finding out the interests of the consumers and automatically sending the users the right messages and increasing the customer’s desires. Once the desire is increased, the odds of customers buying your products or availing the services you are offering will go up.

After they purchase the AIs will then be used to send the customer’s order updates, as well as taking care of the logistics like shipping the orders and tracking it, and they can even be used to up-sell the same products. Do you want to know how AI is revolutionizing the marketing industry? Click here.

The top part of the funnel

It is where the chatbots can become a big help and draw customers to your business, to your products, or your services. They can help attract customers using email campaigns, homepage engagements when the user visits the company’s site, bot marketing, even popups for relevant websites. Whatever you do to make sure that your helpers will engage potential target market early on will help you draw more customers to the top of your funnel.

The middle part of the funnel

The middle part of the funnel involves everything from transaction, purchase, or exchange of services. It is where it all occurs, and the best way the bots can help is by making sure that everything will run smoothly. For example, your virtual assistant can help your business provide the needed support by reaching out to potential customers and making sure that all of them are satisfied with your services or products.

The AI bots can help the users diagnose all potential issues or problems that may appear, and they can help a lot to design customized solutions that are unique to every user.

The bottom part of the funnel

After the users have completed the purchase, abandoned the cart without a single sale, or seeking, tracking and shipment information, your chatbots can be programmed and used to reach out to the customers personally with all the details related to their purchased items, individual orders, or products that they viewed through your site.

The bots can help recommend other things, offer coupons to customers to convince them to put items in the abandoned cart, as well as send out information like order and tracking information so that they can make sure that they can receive their order on time and without problems.

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