A Discussion on Article Marketing and Article Writing to Consider

A Discussion on Article Marketing and Article Writing to Consider

Over earlier times 5-years I’ve done a lot of research and enjoyed plenty of practical knowledge inside article marketing and article writing realm. So, perhaps it might be recommended that you tune in to a few of my thoughts considering this venue. You see, many aspiring internet marketing business people get in touch and have many questions.

Indeed, I’ve decided who’s really will work better to create a bit relating to this topic and answer the questions for everybody online as opposed to one-on-one through email, messages or calls, or personal meetings.

Does that will make sense for your requirements?

Good, okay, so, I’d like to take a recent list of question which I was asked and earn them into a piece of writing here to help everyone who would like to generate income or enhance their brand-ability online. Let’s begin.

“I’m so surprised about the method that you got numerous views and you made your goal of 20,000 articles.”

Yes, that has been an unbelievable work indeed. The “article views” is surely an interesting concept because every one of my articles is syndicated or placed elsewhere typically 17.8 times and thus each article gets viewed in all those places as well. Thus, I could have as much as: 17.8 X 450 article views X 20,000 articles = 160,200,000 article views total. So, the truth is, things are very nice this way.

“I have goals also. I decided I will promote 14 affiliate programs by writing [on the top online article directory online when you have] articles and I plan to write down 42 articles every single day. My goal is to publish 3 articles for every 14 products.”

Whereas this is possible, it is very hard work it is no less than 8-10 solid hours of work daily (minimum). That is if your articles are of quality. The entire “affiliate programs” thing does not really turn me on, and I am bothered by most affiliates because they are below ethical, at the very least by percentage, and so they over-hype stuff and then sell on a lot of useless trinkets, which I believe to junk the Internet. You mentioned one does some investigating online when you write your posts, well listen do you know what a bummer it can be to keep seeing pretty much everything garbages in the search results.

“After my articles are approved I was planning to build good quality back-links for many years by making use of Blog comments, forum signatures, and Social bookmarking.”

I know of people carrying this out, I never have, and I think some online article websites usually take trouble with this, although you could inquire. Now within spite of this, I do occasionally make an article somewhere that is the term for articles as a consequence of limited spaces in comment boxes, but I’ve never had that as being a strategy. Then again, I am not really into selling anything online, that isn’t my purpose. Many people are upset about this “comment spam thing” it messes up forums when they’re inappropriate naturally.

“I’m hoping to make 1k per week coming from all my articles through the products I will promote. Is this possible?”

I have personally met those who have, however, the truth is most tend not to make money online, roughly little it can be kind of a joke. I suppose it matters what you’re selling, the way you market it, and if you are wise using your marketing after you get the traffic there in the first place.

“Have you had the opportunity to make a living from your articles?”

I haven’t experimented with produce a living from creating articles, and my quality lifestyle is pretty high so, this doesn’t happen to make sense for me. I do not consider myself a writer, and I’ve become somewhat disgusted incidentally article-marketers have played their hands, I do not hold them in a favorable light, not everyone is bad, but enough I tend not to wish to be associated with the industry.

Indeed, I read much, that I find 80% of the items I read are apparent, ridiculous, shallow, or that I’ve wasted time reading it, often online article submission sites are filled with such stuff. So, to reply to your question; No, I suppose I could if I wanted too. I feel just as if it can be beneath my ethical standards to take action and discover your entire industry filled up with questionable characters, I won’t be one too.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s online article promotion question and answers, you will see more I assure you, I have 100s of pages of questions to someday transform into articles to help you reach your goals in this online small business of yours. Sincerely, Lance

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