eCommerce Marketing: Actionable Tactics to Improve Brand Awareness

eCommerce Marketing: Actionable Tactics to Improve Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is something that your eCommerce business cannot succeed without. If you own a brand that consumers do not know of, how and why will they purchase/use your products or services? All the efforts that you put in for marketing your products or services are to improve brand awareness. In this article, we shall discuss some important eCommerce marketing tactics that you must consider applying to your business to improve your brand awareness.

1. Be Aware of What Your Consumers Are Looking For

To succeed in your eCommerce business, your products have to be up-to-date with what your customers want. If you are updated with that, you already have an edge over competition. If you can give them what they want, the sale is halfway there.

One thing that every customer wants is good service. Quick response to their queries and doubts will encourage them to do business with you. A live chat window on your eCommerce portal is a good way to achieve this. A happy customer is a great tool to improve brand awareness.

2. Unusually Different Advertising

If you wish to stay in the consumer’s mind, encourage your creative team to come up with unusual ideas for an eCommerce marketing campaign. Even if it doesn’t talk about the product per se, the uniqueness of the campaign will compel the prospective customers to retain the brand name in their subconscious mind.

The other method would be to find an emotional connect with your consumer. Here again, knowing your consumer will play a key role. A creative and catchy tag line can often be retained easily.

3. E-Mail Marketing

Since the e-commerce platform is all about the internet, you can carefully expose the consumer to the brand without making him realise that the brand has made a place in his consideration list. You can subtly encroach upon the consumer’s mind through professional eCommerce SEO services.

You can get services such as e-mailing newsletters with your latest promotions and offers. It could also be about your new products and services. Consumers will feel privileged if they receive personalized updates and promo codes.

4. Diversification Could Lead to Dilution

If you have a niche market for your products, focus on retaining it by improving what’s on offer. Stay updated about what is available and what you can offer to the consumer. You can offer upscale products in the same line. Sell the basic products to the consumer with the offer of getting a premium product for a slight increase in the cost.

Trying to expand into unknown areas could harm your business. If you wish to delve into other areas, ensure that they are intrinsically connected. The consumers could get flustered if they see a brand extending into unrelated areas

5. Watch Out for Competition Activity

It pays to know what the competition is doing right. You don’t need to do what they do, but it can help you to plan your eCommerce marketing strategy to achieve a similar result but differently. You will particularly need to pay attention to how their strategy is working to improve brand awareness.

6. Get the Social Media to Work For You

Social media is a wide spread network for your eCommerce brand to grow. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram can be used to their full potential to market your brand. They have large subscriber bases, which can help in widening your reach. Another benefit of using these platforms is that they are free for advertising and even selling your products. There are no mediators and you can directly talk to your customers.

7. Track Your Consumers and Be in Touch

In many cases, while shopping online, consumers leave the website without completing their purchase. Contact these consumers and remind them about the half-done shopping in a creative way. It could be through some offers. This will not only urge them to buy the products that they have already added to the cart but they might also pick some more products. Keep in touch with your consumers, ask for their opinion and remember to acknowledge it.

8. Let Your Loyal Customers Reap the Benefits

Loyal customers increase your business sales. Offer them privileges through loyalty programs discouraging them from moving elsewhere. Reward them for bringing in more consumers on board. It would mean a win-win situation for you.

With these eCommerce marketing tactics, you would be ready to see a surge in your brand awareness. Reap the benefits, but don’t forget that you are nothing without your customers.

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